North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL


July 7, 2011

Person You Should Know: Sammy Morris

KIMBERLY — Sammy Morris is a long-time runner that lives in Fultondale. He helps organize the city’s annual Stampede 5K Run, which raises money for the city fire department. The 20th annual Stampede 5K Run took place on Saturday.

How did the race go?

It went well. We raised $5,100 for the fire department, which is more money than we’ve ever raised. All the money goes to the fire department, and they really needed this year because they lost a lot of their station in the storm. There were 221 runners this year. We’ve actually started to plan for next year.

Did you run?

No, not this time. I’ve been running for 35 years, but I’ve developed knee problems. I’m hoping to get some knee replacement surgery soon. They used to tell you that you couldn’t run once you got the surgery, but now the doctors are telling me there’s a way that I could still run, so that’s what I’m going for.

How did you get into running?

I was an avid tennis player 35 years ago. I started getting tired in the summer when I played, so I thought I would do something to try to keep in shape during the off season. I started to run and play tennis at the same time, but that was impossible so I stopped playing tennis and haven’t picked a racket up since.

Are you retired?

I worked for U.S. Steel for 33 years and then retired from that. I eventually got bored, so I worked at Hibbetts Sports for nine years, then retired from that. It’s funny, when I retired the first time, I was very bored. I’m not bored now. My wife has this “honeydew list” and I haven’t done anything on it, and I’ve been retired for a year now.

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