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November 2, 2012

Students define family values

CORNER — Sue Ann McKnight’s Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Corner Middle School recently wrote essays stating what they think are the most important family values:

Family is something we don’t see much of these days. Kids are always going off with their friends, doing extracurricular activities like playing sports or playing in the band, or just keeping to themselves.  Parents are working long hours or going out of town for their jobs. After that, they don’t have the energy to interact with the rest of their family. Why is it so important for families to spend time together?

Family prepares us for the world outside of high school. It teaches us how to fend for ourselves, interact with others, get help when we need it, and simply survive. Who cares for you and supports you throughout your developmental years? Your family does. Who traditionally teaches you how to ride a bike, drive a car? Your family does. Who teaches you to cook, clean your own home, launder your clothes? Well, there are classes that teach those things, but by the time we’re old enough to take those classes, we’re preoccupied with other things, like impressing everyone in your class and the trip to the mall after school with your best friend, so family teaches you before those things are Important.

Family also teaches us things and impresses things upon us that can’t be taught in a classroom. They teach the basis for your morals, the way you interact with other, and even the way you think. It gives you the impression of what a family should be like and that usually foreshadows how you mold your own family. To have a stable family, the best kind, you need to spend time together. Stable families are always best. Children from a stable home usually function better, have a higher mental health level, and even have higher test scores.

However, if your family is all spread out, it isn’t a true family. You need to spend quality time with your family to get the benefits of one.  You need to set apart a special day for everyone to get together and do an activity. It can be as simple as eating a meal together and talking about what’s on your mind or having a special game night. It’s important that you don’t have anything distracting, like a television, around. The point of the special family night is communication. Once a week is a good interval to have quality time; everyone can work around it if need be.

It’s important that you have a healthy and positive relationship with your family. It helps everyone be emotionally and mentally stable, which is a very good thing. Family night is an easy, time-conscious way to maintain that relationship and it can be shifted around to anyone’s liking. It’s important, most of all, just to enjoy being around the people that love and support you.

Chance Templeton


I think it is important for families to spend time together. I think this because when families get together they get closer. Some results of families getting together are their relationships get stronger. Also they get advice from their parents about problems. Another result is children learn that family is important to their parents and therefore, learn to be good parents themselves. Also, the more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. That is some results of families getting together.

It is important for families to get together. I think this because spending meaningful time together is an important element of successful marriages and families. Another thing is studies have shown children who live in a home and spend time with both parents develop more stable relationships and become better parents themselves. Also it is important for parents to keep up with children’s lives. Also it is important to respect each other. Last thing is to create happy memories for children to look back on. That is some reasons for families to get together.

Brianna Miller


Family time means a lot to me and how I spend my time daily. Families need to make time for one another and try to plan events that involve each person of the family. It brings everyone closer in family, the more time a family spends together the better they will be. This project helped us plan time with our family, but it only works if families want to sit down, communicate and spend time with one another. Each member of a family will be happier, a family will communicate more with each other, you will trust and depend more on your family. These are just a few benefits of making time to spend with your family. If families spend more time with each other these benefits will fall into place. 

That is why family time is important to me and should be for everyone else too. I feel that my family is happier because we take time out of each day to talk with one another, and even if we don’t have as much time to do that some days, we make sure we help each other.  Whether we are outside working or doing other activities we make sure to involve ourselves with one another in whatever we may be doing. 

When families involve themselves with one another it no longer seems like a chore or a task; it becomes a way that you do things.  A family member will trust and depend more on other family members because they will get to know their family in greater detail and believe in whatever each family member does is the right thing to do. 

This is why family time is important to me and should be for all other families.

Peyton Waugh

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