North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

August 18, 2010

Use banana peels for plants

By Evangeline Sloan
The North Jefferson News

COMMUNITY — Garden Tip: When you boil eggs, keep the water that the eggs were boiled in along with the egg shells. You can pour the water and shells around tomato plants to keep down blossom-end rot. The water and shell mixture can also be poured around ferns. Use banana peels around your rose bushes by blending them with water or placing just the peels around the bushes as a great source of potassium.

• The Singing Life and Praise Church on Skyline Drive will host its singing starting at 5 p.m. New Bethel Baptist on Warrior-Jasper Road will host the “Living Faith” singers from Cullman at 6 p.m.

Come and bring a friend to either of these singings — you are sure to have a good time.

• Happy birthday greetings go to my wonderful cousin, Shirley Eubanks, and my sister, Virginia Crittenden on Aug. 15 and to Rooster Kilgore and Nancy Mayfield on Aug. 17. Hope you all have a great day and a greater year.

Evangeline Sloan is The North Jefferson News correspondent for Warrior and Corner. She can be reached at 647-9655.