North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL

February 23, 2010

Center’s Valentine’s party a labor of love

Jody Newman
The North Jefferson News

— Kimberly seniors: Do we know how to throw a Valentine’s party or what? 

Everything was perfect, except we didn’t have enough room for everybody. Our cars were lined up two and three deep. Those are just minor inconveniences, right?

Our decorations were beautiful, the food was absolutely delicious, our distinguished guests were well behaved and the music rocked the building.

I want to thank all of our seniors who worked so hard preparing for the party. Also, thanks to Peoples Bank of Morris and branch manager Suzanne Shirley who furnished enough ham to feed an enormous crowd. We’re glad they did, because we had the crowd. Peoples Bank has been really good to our center.

We were thrilled to have a recent visit from State Rep. Allen Treadaway, who contributed $3,000 to the senior center. God continues to bless us, doesn’t He? We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Allen better and wish him well during this election year. 

We always appreciate having Kimberly Mayor Craig Harris and his family at our events. Not only did he attend, but he made a spinach dish to die for. Thanks, Craig.

Like last year, our seniors voted for their choice of Valentine’s King and Queen. Our alternates were Charles Lane and Mimi Watson and the 2010 King and Queen of the Kimberly Senior Center are Billy and Peggy Poe. We really love and appreciate you; congratulations.

To top off our evening, Cletus Hopkins & the Oldtimers Band played their country music as they do every Friday night at the Kimberly Community Center, but it was even better. Thanks Cletus and friends for donating your evening to entertain us.  Thanks to your fans, singers and dancers, for joining us, too.

On most days at the senior center, you’ll find Wii bowling, cards, music, crafts, trips and a lot of shootin’ the bull. 

If you’d like to join in or for a list of activities, call us at 647-9154 or 746-2292.

May God richly bless each of you.

Jody Newman is director of the Kimberly Senior Center.