North Jefferson News, Gardendale, AL


May 28, 2010

Business Spotlight: C4 Creative LLC

GARDENDALE — Catherine Davis is the owner of C4 Creative in Gardendale, which has been in business for one year, eight months.

• How many employees do you have?

The number of employees fluctuates depending on the projects in-house.  C4 uses contract labor from the Birmingham area to assist when needed.

• What’s your business background?

Fine art, computer programming, graphic design, print and web.

• Where are you located?

C4 Creative is a home-based business located in Gardendale.

• What services or products do you provide?

Graphic design, print and web are the services I provide. I produce an infinite variety of printed materials for business and personal applications, and original art for logos and custom projects. Go to to see a video and sampling of the services provided.

• What’s been your greatest success as a business?

My greatest success has been helping my clients be successful in their business by assisting them in increasing their revenue. My success is contributing to the success of the people in the communities I serve.

• What’s the greatest joy of being the owner of a business?

Having the ability to build relationships and to give to the community where I live is the greatest joy. I am serving on the board of directors for the Greater Gardendale Chamber of Commerce, which would not be possible if I could not set my own schedule. Getting to know the other business people and residents of this area has been a joy. I also facilitate a Friday morning book study, which is just fun! Right now we are halfway through Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

• Is your line of work something you would recommend to someone else?

Only with a large, heaping dose of reality! In this field the portfolio is key, but most portfolios look pretty good. How do your projects done without collaboration look? How reliable are you, and how willing to produce the client’s vision of the project instead of your own? With artists, answers to those questions will determine if you can produce projects that satisfy your client’s needs and are delivered on time.

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