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May 7, 2010

Business Spotlight: Doggie's Choice Grooming Salon

FULTONDALE — Anita Johnston and Myra Mabrie own Doggie’s Choice Grooming Salon at the Winn-Dixie shopping center in Fultondale and A Pet’s Day Out in Trussville.

• What is your business background? “I’ve been grooming for 14 years and Myra has been grooming for 24 years,” said Johnston. “We owned Family Pet Salon in Fultondale for 13 years. After that, Myra opened a business in Gardendale and I opened the one in Trussville.”

• What services or products do you provide? “All of our products are all natural. We use no sedation. We bathe, dip, clip nails, clean ears and brush teeth. You don’t pay extra for bows, bandanas and polish — it all comes in as one price. We meet or beat most competitor prices.”

• What’s been your greatest success as a business?
“We keep making new clients daily. We have a lot of return clients.”

• Is your line of work something you would recommend to someone else?
“Yes. I love it. I’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s not one of those jobs where you wake up and say, ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’”

• What are you doing to combat the current economic climate? “That’s why our prices are so low, why we do things as a package. Our basic grooms start at $25. We’ve got people who will bring us things like eggs or food out of the garden if they can’t pay.”

• What plans do you have for your business? “We’re talking about making it to where people can go online and watch their dogs being groomed. A lot of people worry about leaving their dogs. If people can go online and watch, they feel better about it.”

• Why should someone use your services over a competitor? “We’re more experienced than our competitors. We know our customers. We know what they like and what they want when they come in the door.”

• What’s the best way to contact you? "At Doggie’s Choice Grooming Salon in Fultondale, 841-4255. At A Pet’s Day Out in Trussville, 655-2570. Or people can email us at"

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